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Due to the popularity of these races. We have a waitlist for burros.
If you wish to get on the waitlist please read below and follow the link. 

To race in the Clear Creek Races you will need a burro to race with. If you do not own one, you will need to rent one. Before registering it is required that you have Burro Rental approval.


Due to the popularity of this sport, please give time to our Rental group to get back to you. If there is a burro available for you, they will reach out and get you set up. The sooner you put in your request the better chance you have to secure a burro teammate. 

For the safety of the animals and yourself any Burro Renters will need to have a lesson on how to run with their Burros.

Please do not come to the race assuming you will get a Burro to rent without filling out this form and getting a reply from a Burro Rental group.

To request to join the waitlist. Please go to the site below. 

COST: $150 per rental 

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